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 There Are No Wolves For Me

The wolf is growling, snarling, snapping.
Pacing, and restless, her hackles cannot come down.
Licking her teeth. Feeling the violence she needs.
But I will not kill. I will not attack like she needs.
She makes me ache, and my skin feels like it cannot stretch
far enough.
"There is no wolf for me,
there are no wolves left!!

No mate to stay with me and only me for life
No mate to commit, to love, protect, hunt
with me

No mate to run, to sing, to rejoice.
They will all grow weary and snap at me
They whirl away for the next chase.

No man is a wolf.
They are rutting dogs.
Toms that think of nothing but the heat.
Always, only doing as they wish,
And only because they wish...
No dedication.

There are no wolves.
There is no wolf for me.

I hate to share something like this on Valentine's Day, but this holiday is a bitter one for me.  I've been in a relationship for 6 years..but he is not a mate... after so long, I've given up on trying, given up on "making it work"...We'll be breaking up soon...I'm so glad to know there are other wolves, I can't express the joy of finding others...but my wolf has given up on finding a mate...we don't even care to have one anymore.  If you have found your mate, many blessings, and be grateful :-)
May we all live and run free
My mood: a bit sad

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